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A Masterplan for the site


The culmination of over six years of work, the display boards shown at the open event in January 2020 set out the principles of how the development will be laid out and what key elements it will contain.

View the display boards here

View the Outline Planning Application on the Arun DC website using reference number F/4/20/OUT

Unlike a normal planning application, because the site was allocated through the Neighbourhood Plan process, certain elements were included in the policy. As they have been adopted by Arun District Council, they must appear in the final design. The elements set out in Policy SA1 are as follows:

Policy SA1    Ford Airfield 

This site-specific allocation for development is identified on the Proposals Map. The following specifics must be addressed as part of any planning proposal at this location:

  1. Provision of a minimum of 1500 homes;

  2. A coherent and comprehensive Master Plan covering the site as a whole;

  3. High-quality imaginative design including permeable layouts for pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles with visually robust outdoor spaces-giving a sense of place and sense of orientation;

  4. A green infrastructure and open space network. The applicant should consider the provision of parks, gardens, natural and semi-natural green space, amenity space, children and young person’s play space, allotments, sports pitches and village greens. These open spaces must be well connected to each other by footpaths and cycle routes, and to the wider community; new and existing.

  5. A new local centre comprising, but not limited to, a new community hall, local shop and restaurant, a new library facility, accommodation for the elderly and healthcare facilities, which shall be phased to be delivered in line with the proposed development.

  6. Potential for a custom/self build, live/work element of the residential offering;

  7. Subject to assessment of the demand, employment space in the locality for small business and light industrial units (Use Class B1);

  8. A comprehensive Sustainable Urban Drainage system;

  9. Provision of a network of open space throughout the development site to include parks and gardens, natural and semi-natural green space, amenity space, children and young person’s play-space and allotments;

10. A network of open spaces, footpaths and cycleway connecting the community and its new facilities.

11. Existing mature vegetation shall be identified through ecological surveys, and where possible shall be retained to complement         and enhance the development proposals;

12. Road improvements as necessary to Ford Lane, Horsemere Green Lane and Yapton Road subject to detailed assessment but to include sustainable links to all modes of transport;

13. Provision of a primary school and nursery, as identified in the Ford Infrastructure Delivery Plan;

14. Provision of affordable housing in line with the prevailing ADC policy, which should include a range of tenures and types including shared ownership, social rent and starter homes as based upon Parish needs;


The detailed design of the master plan will be prepared through community workshops with the local community and stakeholders through an agreed community engagement strategy.

Part or all of the development and associated community infrastructure will be delivered through a Community Land Trust.

Read the whole Neighbourhood Plan here

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