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What is a Community Land Trust?

CLTs have been around for a long time and run all over the UK in response to the current crisis in affordable housing and to hold land for the benefit of the community. CLTs allow ordinary people like us to come together and plan the right kind of housing for our area. The Trust can acquire land cheaper than developers would to build those houses. Some CLTs can also go on to provide other amenities such as libraries, playgrounds, children’s centres and even schools, in consultation with local needs.

CLTs act as long-term stewards for the land in their control. This means the assets remain genuinely owned by the community and prices can be based on what people actually earn in their area – not just for now, but for every future occupier. You can find out more about the work of CLTs and examples of successful projects around the UK on the CLT website

Who we are


We are a group of local people with a real passion for our Parish and the surrounding villages. Most of our have worked for the past five years on creating the Neighborhood Plan for Ford and have now formed the Community Land Trust.

What we do

We will work with landowners and planners to transform some of the available land into affordable homes and amenities for the people of Ford and the adjoining parishes.  

Read Our Story

Why not join us?


We need people to join the Steering Group and we need people to become members. Find out more here.


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